Dear Best Friend,

It is so hard to look back to the very beginning of our origin story. We met roughly four years ago, when I walked into work for the first time and you were one of my four managers. At that time, we were not friends, because we both thought badly of bestfriendeachother. We had our mutual friends and I feel like that had caused the most problems. There was a lot of that “he said, she said” between us, so we tended to believe it all, and went our own ways. It wasn’t until two years ago that we became very close. Someone brought us together, and through our new found friendship, we started to see the good and bad in every one else. You became my support system and I became yours. You were there for me when I needed you the most and you changed my life in so many positive ways. I could never thank you enough for everything I have because of you, so I’m writing this to thank you the only way I know how.

Thank you for all those drunk nights that you carried my drunk body from club to club, and then back home. If it wasn’t for you, I would never have survived. I was new to the club scene, but I loved it, and it meant so much to me to go out on the weekend with you. We were both going through a lot when we went almost every weekend and that release we found dancing under the colored lights was everything I could ask for. I’m not saying we are alcoholics, because that is far from the truth. What I am saying is that you helped me through the stages of growing up that I hadn’t come across yet. I needed that stage in my life, where I would drink to get drunk, party to have fun, and dance to let go. You gave me that. Crashing on your couch soon became a trend, because going home drunk while living with your parents just didn’t sound ideal at the time. You were my ride or die friendship that I had looked for, for so long.

Although we lost many relationships along the way, ours continued to become stronger. We spent almost every free day together, and spend so much unneccessary money throughout those days, which we look back to a lot, and ask ourselves how we could even afford that before. You encouraged me to make a lot of adult choices, which include moving out of my parents house, to getting a car. I was in and out of my parents house multiple times through out the years, because roomates were just not my thing, but a year and a half ago, you pushed me to finally live on my own. Thank you so much for sending me the available townhouse information that was at the other end of yours. Never did I imagine that I could afford to live on my own, but I made it happen. Within aashleyandi1 month of contacting them, the apartment was mine. Because of you, I was given so many more oppurtunities. I had so much freedom that I never thought I had, from getting my first pet, whom has melted my heart for eternity, to coming and going as I please, to becoming the independent individual i’ve been striving to be. Now, I am still learning the laws of life, but with you by my side, I know i’ll have the help and support that I need.

You pushed me to stop walking everywhere and buy a car. Luckily, my brother was selling his, and he gave me a good price for it. Now, I have my own place, my own car, a son (my cat) that I love, a boyfriend who lives with me, a job where I am happy, and a best friend whom I love with all my heart. You do so much for me and the more I think about it, I feel overwhelmed. I don’t deserve all that you do for me, but I am very appreciative towards all of it. You are the Grace to my Will and I look forward to the many years to come. I hope we can grow old together and live in a retirement home with rooms right next to eachother. Like I always say, I will use my walker and bang on your door, so we can sit outside with a drink in our hands, just to yell at the children walking by. I think that will probably be the funniest sight to see when we are old.

I’m hopeful for our future, and I am grateful to our past, but I am even more thankful to our present, because even though we both have our boyfriends, our lives, and our downfalls, we’re still the best of friends! I love you best friend…YOU DA BEST!



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