Dear Binx,

I’m writing this knowing that you can never read this.  Why?  Well, because you’re my son; My son who also just happens to be a cat.  I cannot describe to you or the world how much you mean to me, butbinx1 having you in my life is one of the happiest encounters in my existence.  The day I first held you in my arms nearly had me in tears.  You were the size of my hand, filled with energy and love, and right before my eyes, I watched you grow up.

Because of you, my entire world has been changed forever.  You are the feline friend I was destined to find.  From teaching you how to use the stairs for the first time, to your first trip outdoors, my experience with you so far has always been fun.  Having you is like having a child, but not in a bad way.  Although you have your moments where you may be unbearable, being able to teach and raise you has been a heartwarming experience.  When you were a month and a half old, you were so scared of your new environment, but now that you’re a year and a half, you claimed the place as your home.


binx6When I moved into my apartment by myself almost two years ago, I sat at home bored many days.  The decision to find a kitten happened about two months into the new life of living alone, and by the third month, you were arriving at my front door.  You have the personality that resembles my own, which makes us a perfect pair.  If you ever wonder where you get your name from, it’s from that Hocus Pocus movie I made you watch almost twenty times in October.  It only seemed fit to name you Binx since you were a black cat too. 

Now that you are basically full grown, I tend to look back at all those photos of you as a kitten, and part of me wishes I could go back to those day and watch you grow again.  In this time of our lives, we have added two more members into our family circle.  My partner, Harry, and your new sister, Myra joined us before your first birthday, and you welcomed them quicker than I expected.  Myra and you are very strange sometimes, though.  Harry and I can’t figure out, half of the time, whether or not you like her or hate her.  We both believe she despises you, but you keep on trying for her love.  Still, Myra goes to Harry, and you still come to me.  I got so used to you sleeping next to me every night, that when I go on vacation, I wake up and look for you on the bed.  The two of you have your own bedroom, plenty of toys, treats, and our home has turned into a cat friendly fun zone.binx5

I really hope you understand how much I love you and appreciate you being a part of this life of mine.  You are the best pal I could ever ask for and I hope that our future to come is full of fun and love as well.  Once again, your cat eyes will never read this, but maybe in some other life, these words will become readable, or understandable.  Hey, you never know! 

To my friend, cat, and feline son, I love you!


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