awkwardPORTRAITStephen M. Carpenter is a 24 year old server in southeastern Pennsylvania.  Him and his partner enjoy the simple life along with their two youthful cats, Binx, and Myra. Stephen enjoys many aspects in life such as nature, music, design, and writing.  He loves to put his interests and talents to the test, which is where Simply Stephen came into play. Simply Stephen expresses Stephens love of singing, writing, adventure, and his deep empathy for others.

Stephen was adopted at a young age, which opened his eyes to a lot of different outlooks in the world.  He graduated high school in 2012, and continued on to figure out who exactly he was.  Through out high school, Stephen was involved in music and theatre.  After graduation, he continued to perform in a small community theatre located in his hometown.  From voice lessons, dance rehearsals, and late night performances, he knew music was for him. But, the question was… Was theatre the kind of music he wanted to be apart of forever?

His theatre days came to a halt in 2015, after a damaging breakup, which would shape his future in many ways.  With so much change going on his life, from moving, switching jobs, dropping out of college, and growing up, depression started to sink into Stephens everyday life. His work performance and his home life was becoming hazardous.  It came to such a time, where he finally visited a doctor and spilled his problems and experiences about the entire subject.  It wasn’t long ‘till Stephen was back on his feet and feeling better than ever.

He finally moved out on his own in 2016 and had much needed time alone to discover his interest and hobbies, as well as his life goals, and relationship outlooks.   Not too long after moving in, he adopted his first child and friend, Binx. Binx was an all black cat who became everything to Stephen. In the Summer of 2017, he met his partner, whom eventually moved in. They, then, adopted a second grey and white tabby cat, named Myra. Now, they live in a townhouse filled with love and motivation, as Stephen continues to work on himself and his future.

Simply Stephen was created by Stephen, as an escape and a therapeutic relief of life. He feels strongly about people understanding the importance of life and cherishing every moment they have. Simply Stephen is all about acceptance and adventure, as well as motivation and learning.  “LIVE SIMPLY. SIMPLY LIVE.”