askstephencoverI am here to help!  If you have any questions or if you need advice on something going on in your life, ask me!  Leaving your name is completely optional, because I want everyone to feel comfortable with speaking up, and venting on whatever they feel necessary.  Let’s all, please, understand that all content should be appropriate and not involve any violence.  Ask Stephen is here as a therapeutic area for individuals to relieve their minds to someone who will not judge them.  All questions will be sent via email.  I, then, will answer via email, as well as post certain questions with answers on my Stephen Speaks page.  All posts that are made public will be left completely anonymous.  So ask away my friends…this is a judgement free zone!

-Stephen M. Carpenter

Simply Stephen

Thank you for your questions!  I will be sure to answer them all as soon as I can!